Saturday, December 12, 2009

Zoetry at Paraiso de la Bonita

Time to blog about our latest adventure. Wade and I were lucky enough to spend a glorious week in Mexico last week. Thanks to our wonderful parents who are always willing to watch the boys. We went to the Zoetry Resort & Spa in Paraiso de la Bonita, which is located halfway inbetween Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Here are our favorite highlights. There are quite a few pictures so bear with me.

We spent an entire day sailing. We sailed for about 2 hours, dropped anchor on a sandbar next to a reef, then went snorkelling for about 45 min. We then hopped back aboard, sailed to shore where we got to play on a beautiful beach for about an hour, then sailed home. They staff was awesome. Food, drinks, and dry towels a plenty.

Do we look relaxed or what? They had beautiful little beach palapa's that were great during the day, and also for sunset watching in the evening as we are doing here. The sun went down really early, about 5:00 so that meant to get in enough sun time we had to hit the beach around 9 AM! What a rough life.

This was by far Wade's favorite part of the trip. (other than me in a swimsuit all day, tee hee) Fresh Pico De Gallo and Guacamole anytime he asked for it! He would have it at 10 in the morning, with lunch, and for an afternoon snack around 4 PM. It was sooooo good!

We took a cooking class one afternoon from the Dessert chef on staff at the resort. We learned how to make a bittersweet chocolate sauce to dip fresh fruit in, and Bananas Flambe'. It was pretty fun! Don't we look hot in our hair nets?

Daily walks on the beach in triplicates fulfilled our exercise needs for the week. The beach was filled with these HUGE conch shells. Yes I did manage to get one home. I'm my mothers daughter.

This was the pool. We spent alot of time here. When you would approach the pool area, you're assigned waiter would meet you at a chair, lay towels on it for us, fetch me an umbrella because I like my face shaded, and bring us our favorite drinks. I felt like Ivanka Trump! At meal times they would bring you a menu which included everything from burgers, steak, sushi, ceviche, wood grilled fish, etc. If you wanted it, they would find it.

Every morning we would roll over in bed, order room service for breakfast and it would be delivered 30 minutes later to our private lanai. Here we are having kick butt waffles and macadamia french toast. Yumsters!

Here is a pic of the other half of the lanai. I am looking out over the ocean in my bathrobe. Tough life, I know.

One of my fav's was the twice daily room cleaning. They were thorough too! At night they would come freshen up you're towels, turn down you're bed, spray you're linens with lavender spray, spread fresh tropical blooms on you're sheets, and leave you the love message for the day along with the schedule for yoga, spa treatments, sailing excursions for the next day. So many decisions...

This was our re-creation of the Corona commercial. We both love those commercials, so we thought we would make our own version and print it off to look at when home during the dreary month of January. This is now my screen saver for good reason. Beautiful!

It was bar none the best trip we have ever taken in a field of tough competition. Thanks sweetie for finding us such a beautiful place where I was treated like the queen I know I am! JK. Love ya babe... until next time...

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sweet, Sweet, Cali

It's time to blog about our fabulous trip to Cali. Lynsey, grab you're tissues. Our annual Fall break trip to Capistrano Beach was another great success this year. We did all the things we love to do, plus added a few new traditions. Besides having to make the drive down without Wade due to a busy week at work, I had all my family with me. Luke tried his hardest to try to stay behind for a few extra days to participate in a golf tournament and 3 soccer games, but life is going to get really serious with him quickly. I thought we needed to take advantage of his last Jr High year and just go.

Wade and I being goofy at San Clemente Beach
A rockin' photo of underneath the pier

Wade makes a mean sand castle. I think he attempted the perfect sand replica of Delicate Arch about 10 times this trip. He is determined!

My boys sharpening up their boogie board skills

Standing in line for the Haunted House at Disneyland. It was all dressed up for Halloween as a cross between Halloween and Christmas with lots of Night Before Xmas stuff. It was awesome!

Me forcing the guys to go on It's a Small World with me. What can I say. It's tradition!

Waiting in another line. This time for the Matterhorn. Zac looks a little nervous. It was his first time.
Beachcombing after our fabulous breakfast at the 'Beachcomber' restaurant ironically. A little chilly that day hence the sweaters. We loved this new little find. Thanks Stew and Annie for the tip!
This is the house that 'Beaches' was filmed at. Can you believe how run down it is! Mom and I are in the middle of the chorus of 'Wind Beneath My Wings'. Wade hates that song because everyone plays it at their funerals. Lol.

We had a fab time. It's great to get to spend quality time with Mom and Dad. We were sadly guacamole free due to Lynsey's absence. It just didn't seem right to make it without her there! I especially treasure my morning walks with my parents, shopping with my teenager, watching my kids explore new ocean sports, sunsets in the sand, evening Mocha at the coffee shop, Josh's weekend visits with new friends, among many, many other things. Sweet, Sweet Cali. I miss you already. Sniff Sniff. :(

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Ok, so I recently tried to download some fancy shmancy template to jazz up my blog (thanks alot Lynsey) and it totally lost all my widgets including all the blogs I love to follow. If you regularly check my blog, and know that I also like to follow yours please comment to this post with you're URL so I can re-add you to my list. I feel like I lost my library in a house fire.
PS. How did you get that to work Lynsey? Please tell me Nick helped you, because I was completely lost.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dream Come True

Tomorrow is the one week anniversary of the best day of my life, so I thought it high time I blog about it. Last Wednesday was the Keith Urban concert. Now don't go getting all judgemental on me. I am not a back country hick. Keith is the least 'country' of all country artists. Besides that he is smoking hot!!! Wade and I went to his concert a few years ago and were equally blown away at the pure talent this guy has. His guitar, keyboard, and singing skills were amazing and we were sold. Since then I have acquired quite a lengthy collection of Urban music, and am proud to say that I love it. It makes me happy when I am sad, and I can frequently be heard singing it at the top of my lungs from my car or living room.
Back to the concert. We had pretty decent seats, though not floor seats, and were having a great time when there arose a buzz around us. Everyone was pointing down a few seats to our left. Wade turned to me and said "Hunny, their putting up a stage right there!" The look in his eyes told me he was serious. Here comes the not so proud moment in my marriage. I quickly pushed Wade aside and told him to MOVE!!! I then proceeded to trample about 5 perfect strangers to secure my position right next to the stage. That wasn't good enough so I climbed up on the 2 inch hand rail and balanced myself there. No sooner did I look up and there he was. I swear he glows just like you would expect a god to. He stayed right there on that 3ft x 3ft stage and sang "You look good in my shirt" all the way through.
I was in heaven. Being that close to someone you have idolized for years is pretty cool. I admit to copping a feel here and there, and I was almost brazen enough to steal a guitar pick from his stand. After the concert several people I knew that were there said they saw me on the bigscreen 'head banging' away with Keith. I was in such a daze that I never looked up to the big screen for my 3 minutes of glory! Wade, being the awesome guy he is, was about 5 people away, in our original seats snapping away pictures with his phone and trying desperately to get my attention so I would turn around and have my face in a few pix. Again, I was lost in the moment and didn't hear a thing. What a dope. So here are the best of the blurry phone pix of the amazing Keith Urban and the back of my head.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Time to catch up

Wow, a month and a half since a post. I definitely have not felt like bragging about my life lately, but I am slowly pulling myself out of the ditch and moving on. Most of you know our tragic house story but for those who don't here it is. Que the violins. We had sold our house, and put a considerable amount of Ernest $ on the house of our dreams. The buyers of our house wanted to be in quickly so we proceeded to start moving our stuff into a storage unit quickly because we couldn't get into our house for about a month later. House close date was scheduled for a Tuesday, loan close date was 5:00 on a Friday. We received a phone call from our Realtor at about Noon on Friday saying that they buyers were pulling out stating loan denial. They had already been pre-approved for the home and had put $60,000 down so we were shocked. I quickly jumped into the pool of crazy people because I couldn't believe that this could happen when just a week earlier they were begging us to move up the close date a week. It took 11 months to get a decent offer, 1 month to move all our stuff into storage, and 5 minutes to have it all come crashing down around our ears. After all of this we decided that this was God's subtle way of telling us we were not supposed to move, so we decided to sink all of our extra money into a major remodel. This brings us to this point. The house is a complete mess, but things are coming along nicely. Out with the old, in with the new. Josh has been unbelievably knowledgeable and helpful through this process. We are hoping to have our new kitchen/great room completed within the next two weeks. I will post some before and after pix when it's all done to see what you all think. After that we are moving on to bathrooms.

The summer has completely gotten away from me with all the stress, but we did manage to do a few fun things here and there. Here are some of my favorite pix from the season.

Childrens Museum:

Lake Powell:
Payson Pool:
Lake Powell:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

oh baseball, oh baseball

This is my post dedicated to that summer time-sucker I like to call baseball. Ya, Ya I know it's 'America's favorite pasttime' but one can accomplish so much more when there are not 3-4 games a night to attend. Don't get me wrong, I love to watch my little guys have hard sphere's whizzing past their faces at 30 mph. I just get seriously tired of greasy hamburgers, overbearing parents who think they are the coach, and even worse, kids who don't really want to be there (would rather be at dance or theater class) being forced into it by their P.U.'s. Here are my favorite pix from the season.

My Jake does indeed love it even after a full season on two teams and being hit by that ball several times, which literally knocked his 50 pound frame to the ground.
Zac also thoroughly enjoys it although he is still in the 'experimental' phase of the game. He likes to play whatever his big bro's are playing at the moment.

No we move on to the spring-fall time sucker AKA soccer. Go Shooters!

Friday, June 26, 2009

We love Lake Powell!!!

This is my first Lake Powell post of the summer! We love the place and are there about once a month for May - August. This is pix of our end of May trip.

Can it get any prettier than that?

Luke doing his version of "The Thinker" (he's going to kill me for that one)

Crystal clear waters on red rock. Nothing better.

Yes I am confident enough to post a picture of myself with absolutely no makeup on. Please be nice.
I am currently blogging about Powell because I am sitting at my house waiting for the rain to stop so I can go to Powell again. Tents are no fun in the rain...
To all those friends who were invited on this trip but couldn't fit it into their busy lives ... see ya next week sucka's!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last the best... Zac is 6!

This will be the last of my sappy birthday blog posts. Bare with me as I brag about the last of my offspring.
My baby, Zachary Bryce turned 6 this week. It is very hard for the baby in the family to have the very last birthday. He had a great day and a great pool party with his closest buddies the next day.
Zac is the perfect mix of his two older brothers. He can fight with the best of them, even keeping up with Jake, and he also has a very sensitive almost phobic side to him. This week we have been through the fear of being attacked by a mountain lion, and the fear of being struck by lightning in his sleep. Bedtime is an interesting proposal with our little Zac.
Zac is very shy, often limiting himself to only a friend or two. When he does branch out to play with someone new he discovers alot he didn't know about himself.
Zac loves to imitate his brothers and play whatever sport they are currently involved in. He does well at whatever he tries and is naturally athletic.
Zac is truly still our baby and loves to snuggle in Mom and Dad's bed every night if we would allow it. He also cracks my door open first thing in the morning to see if I'm awake. If so he comes and climbs into bed for more snuggle time.
We love you little buddy! Happy 6th Birthday!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jakey G's Golden Birthday

My little Jake turned 9 on May 9th. I can't believe how little he is getting. lol. We all know he is the runt in the family. He takes after my side regretfully. We are not big people. Seriously though, Jake is the most black and white kid I know. He is either giggly, and cracking up with his jokes, wanting to snuggle and play, or he is full of piss and vinegar, picking fights, throwing tantrums, and kicking doors. They say this type of volatility is the sign of a leader. That is true for Jake. He is a natural leader, and actually hates to follow anyone. He would rather forge his own path. Sometimes it comes down to the choice of following someone or being alone and he actually chooses being alone. He has never had any trouble entertaining himself. It's my favorite quality about Jake.

Jake is highly intelligent. He and Luke have spelling contests all the time and Jake can usually whip the 13 year old's butt. He has always been my one child that comes home directly from school and does his homework on his own with minimal instruction from me. As any mom knows this is a great blessing.

Jake is the comedian in our family. Sometimes he has the whole family in stitches from just a random comment he made. My 'weekly kid quote' is frequently from Jake. I have to try really hard to give equal publishing time to the other 2 boys because Jake is just so hilarious.
Jake's favorithing to do is play Baseball. He is currently on 2 baseball teams, one in Salem and one in Spanish Fork. He keeps us busy 4 - 5 nights a week with games and practices. He plays pitcher and catcher and is great at both!

We love you Jake and hope you had a great Golden Birthday.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Flu From Hell

Ok. It's time to share the gory, nauseating, and frequently humiliating details of my weekend visit by a virus I like to call the Flu-Devil. It all started on a beautiful, yet boring Sunday. I managed to get all 4 of my little boys off to church in the morning. It's a rarity lately. Upon returning home the hubby and I whipped up a delicious dinner. Now I'm going to share with you the contents of this meal so that you can later visualize more effectively with sights and sounds. We ingested a lovely artichoke with a side of butter sauce, pork roast with turnips, carrots, potatoes and onions cooked in olive oil and seasonings, and homemade bread. Yummy right? Hold you're horses.
On with the story. After watching my slave children do dinner clean-up I retired to the big TV to watch a chick flick all by my lonesome. All was well for about 1 hour. That was when the nausea set in. It was swift, intense, and horrifying. Of course my natural reaction was that my husband had poisoned me to get at my life insurance. I thought, Ok, I'll go vomit my lovely dinner then start plotting my revenge. The first vomit went nicely, although as you can imagine by the contents of my dinner it was full of very interesting consistencies and aromas. Too graphic?
As you can imagine it did not end there. I continued to vomit every 30 minutes for about 4 hours. As the puking was blissfully subsiding the Devil Virus decided to take a trip down south and took up residency in my lower GI Tract. Now I can proudly say that usually my sphincters are all well intact and do their job quite nicely. But, on this occasion they ran for the hills and let the Devil do his thing. This continued for a while until Wade finally put me in bed, ordered me to sleep for awhile, turned off the lights and shut the door. This is where I get my revenge.
To his credit I did sleep for about 15 minutes. I woke up to that rushing sensation that all the southerners were making a run for the border and there was no police backup being called in. I sprinted for the toilet and made it, just barely. That's the last thing I remember. Wade said he heard a thump, followed closely by another so he beelined to the bedroom to see what shenanigans I was up to. He found me on my throne, in all my queen-like glory, eye's wide open, but completely passed out. He tried to shake me to alertness, sneaking in a few slaps here and there, but no go. He dragged me to the floor and called 911.
After about 10 - 15 minutes I finally came to. I woke up to the sound of his voice above me and opened my eyes to find him on the phone. I thought, how rude! I'm dying here and he's being Chatty Cathy. No but seriously all I could think or say was "I'm sorry, why am I on the floor and what is that awful smell?" I heard a knock at the door, our local friendly policeman responding to the call, who Wade conveniently knew (of course, Small Town), followed soon by the trampling of EMT footsteps into my bathroom. "What medications has she taken, What has she eaten today, Did she hit her head" (he also knew all of the EMT's, of course)
I remember not being able to move my legs, apologizing alot, and trying to calm down my husband in my dazed state. I was deemed healthy enough to ride in my own chariot to the ER and off we went. After a full bag of fluids with a side of Zofran I was human again. I was really hoping to be the first diagnosed case of the swine flu in Utah, but it didn't pan out for me. It was nothing but a normal, run of the mill, Devil virus run amock.
The moral of this little tale is, no matter how gross you feel, and how inactive you're sphincters are behaving, you must continue to drink. Preferably something with electrolytes!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cuzzin Luv

So before we get too far away from Easter, I wanted to post a few pix of my darling nieces and nephews at the Easter Party we had at Grandma Lynn's. I don't know what it is, but kids just look too darn cute at Easter time.

Ellie holding some worms. This was our theme for the day. Easter egg hunt and then worm hunt.

Jake checking out his goods.

Zac pulling out the chocolate and discarding the plastic.

Paiton with a bucket full of goodies.

Jett and Jake. Two peas in a pod. They are like xerox copies of each other in spirit and attitude. Don't mess with these boys.

Sweet little Saige. I do have alot of pix of her face but I just loved this shot of her little neck. I just want to reach down and kiss that little space between her shoulder and hair.

Kennedie and Samantha giving Grumpy a smooch!