Monday, July 23, 2012

Park City for the 4th

Lucky Us!!! We got to spend a whole week in my favorite staycation location. And what better time than the 4th of July? Fires Shmires...we will have fun even with a firework ban!!!

We started with a day of Outlet Mall bargain shopping

And BBQing with friends that had come up for the day

Next day was an early wake up call

So that we could go watch Luke take 2nd place in his UGJC Tournament in Evanston, WY!

On to the Holiday! We spent the morning at the Main Street parade, complete with Utah Ski & Snowboarding team floats, bar floats, and my personal favorite... a massive doggie in a classic truck.

We had big plans of going back to the city park for the always fun live concerts and beer tent, but alas, we couldn't pull ourselves away from the draw of the pool and BBQ area. Mom and Dad Reece made the drive up for the day!

(If there's one thing we Reece's know how to do... it's EAT)

The next 3 days were pretty consumed by the Jake & Zac playing in the Firecracker Tournament. Jake's team took 6th out of 40 teams, and Zac's team took 1st out of 10 teams.

 In between we managed to sneak in a little of this every night

And true to my foodie nature, we found a great new PC hang out we are fond of. Maxwell's serves great libations and New York style pizza that is da bomb!

Our last day was wide open, so we decided to spend it at the Utah Olympic Park. The kids had never been there. We rode the zip line and the Alpine Slide

Watched the Australian and US Olympic Teams practice in the pool

Rode the ski lift to the top of the Giant Slalom

And wandered through the Olympic Museum

Don't know why it's taken us so long to discover this little Utah gem. Tons to do on a lazy Sunday summer afternoon. Thanks Groupon for making it affordable ;-)

We returned home suntanned, relaxed, lungs full of clean air due to the 'above the smoke' elevation, and ready to tackle the world. Well... almost!