Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sweet, Sweet, Cali

It's time to blog about our fabulous trip to Cali. Lynsey, grab you're tissues. Our annual Fall break trip to Capistrano Beach was another great success this year. We did all the things we love to do, plus added a few new traditions. Besides having to make the drive down without Wade due to a busy week at work, I had all my family with me. Luke tried his hardest to try to stay behind for a few extra days to participate in a golf tournament and 3 soccer games, but life is going to get really serious with him quickly. I thought we needed to take advantage of his last Jr High year and just go.

Wade and I being goofy at San Clemente Beach
A rockin' photo of underneath the pier

Wade makes a mean sand castle. I think he attempted the perfect sand replica of Delicate Arch about 10 times this trip. He is determined!

My boys sharpening up their boogie board skills

Standing in line for the Haunted House at Disneyland. It was all dressed up for Halloween as a cross between Halloween and Christmas with lots of Night Before Xmas stuff. It was awesome!

Me forcing the guys to go on It's a Small World with me. What can I say. It's tradition!

Waiting in another line. This time for the Matterhorn. Zac looks a little nervous. It was his first time.
Beachcombing after our fabulous breakfast at the 'Beachcomber' restaurant ironically. A little chilly that day hence the sweaters. We loved this new little find. Thanks Stew and Annie for the tip!
This is the house that 'Beaches' was filmed at. Can you believe how run down it is! Mom and I are in the middle of the chorus of 'Wind Beneath My Wings'. Wade hates that song because everyone plays it at their funerals. Lol.

We had a fab time. It's great to get to spend quality time with Mom and Dad. We were sadly guacamole free due to Lynsey's absence. It just didn't seem right to make it without her there! I especially treasure my morning walks with my parents, shopping with my teenager, watching my kids explore new ocean sports, sunsets in the sand, evening Mocha at the coffee shop, Josh's weekend visits with new friends, among many, many other things. Sweet, Sweet Cali. I miss you already. Sniff Sniff. :(