Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunday Church on the Lake 2012

Last Sunday began our blissful, sun soaked, water drenched, sun kissed noses, days of Church on the Lake. It was a beautiful calm day, with all of Wade's siblings in one place at one time. A miracle. Sometimes impromptu stuff just works like that!

Jake & I cruising through the Everglades
 Somebody smarter that us has found this cute little dock hidden in the Lake. I can't tell you where it is because then I'd have to kill you. By the end of the day we had 5 boats and 2 jet ski's tied off. Kids everywhere, drinks, music... you know all the perfect stuff!

Jodi double fisting it? (JK She's holding mine)
Greg was making Mojito's that day. TROUBLE
 Wade & I love that our kids got to spend the day with their cousins. The only downside is that Luke was still in St.George so he didn't get to join us that day. Don't worry bud... there will be plenty more.

Happiness poster children
Along with oodles of family present, we got to catch up with some friends (JD & Charlie, Zach & GF) and meet tons of new people (Candice's siblings & families).

Zac & his cousins out for a swim

Happy Summertime to you all. May you all find your 'happy place' and enjoy a day worshipping nature there :) GOD IS GOOD!!!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Fickle, Fickle Girl

I like to believe that I have a tiny little interior design bone in my body. One of the many places I choose to exercise this little bone is in my Master Bedroom. We have been in our house now for about 13 years & in that time I have remodeled/redesigned/redecorated my room 3 times. (I get bored easily) Thankfully I have a very tolerant husband that hands over the check book and lets me do whatever I want. 

Room #1 Circa 1998 
Room #1 was clearly very 90's. The furniture, even thought it was only a queen size bed, was WAY to big for the room. Rookie mistake. The walls were also very dark and confining. Lesson learned.

Room #2 Circa 2005
 Room #2 was perhaps the biggest transformation as we ripped out the carpet and laid bamboo flooring.  We had just returned from a vacation to Cozumel, MX so you can see the tropical feel followed me home. I adored this bedroom for a very long time, but alas.... I got bored again!

Room #3 Circa 2012
Room #3 is perhaps a bit more sophisticated and romantic. I love the mirror nightstands, fur throw, and pop of yellow in the throw pillows. I'm still not in love with the duvet, but it was a temporary fix. I couldn't put lime green back in there now could I? I also love our new King size bed. FINALLY after 20 years of marriage we get to stretch out a bit. I treasure this every single night. It didn't take up nearly as much toom as I thought it would, mostly because I chose a very concise shantung silk headboard with rails.  No footboard saved a ton of space!
After chatting with a friend at work about where I find deals on Furniture, linens, etc (Overstock, Wayfair, My Habit) she encouraged me to post all 3 pix so she could see the transformation. There you go Natalie! Let me know when you find a great buy on a chandelier, I still need one!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Perfect Night

A few weeks ago my life as a baseball mom began another week with both Jake and Zac playing in the same Tournament, Salem's Spring Training Tournament. Sounds simple enough right? It's a small town. They'll probably be playing at the same field even! NOT!!! My luck never runs that well. They played at the exact same times, one in Salem, one in Payson. So I was faced with another situation in which I had to choose. Choice was easy. Wade has to be with Jake because he's the coach, so that leaves me with Zac. Both of their teams did very well, not loosing any games in pool play, and on to championship day they went. Well my luck continued and their championship games were both at 8:00 PM. Luckily, Zac's game was a quick blowout. I was able to watch him win his first championship! So fun to have that happen at such a young age. After the trophy ceremony we ran to the car and drove 80 mph over to where Jake was playing, hoping to catch the end of his game. We made it and I was able to watch the Rebels win a championship also! It was a great night to be a baseball mom!

Luke's Junior Prom

Prom. It's a rite of passage for teenagers. It's a night to be a Princess, or a Prince in this case. Drive your parents nicest car. Go out for a nice dinner with a beautiful girl on your arm. "Dance your ass off" in the words of Kevin Bacon. And create memories for a lifetime. Luke and his best friend Lewis started their day date by going to lunch at Costa Vida and going bowling with their dates. Then it was time to don the monkey suit. Boy did he look good! No obnoxious neon colors for this kid. He was all class and swagger in his black and silver. 

Time to grab your corsage, snap a few quick pix with your parents...

 and go fetch the ladies!

 We bullied them into a quick stop at Promenade then off they went to the Riverside Country Club for a nice quiet dinner, then to Sundance where Prom was being held.

They all had a good time. It's good to take a friend to things like this so you can have fun without all the pressure of a serious date. 

Oh wait, one more thing. Luke is a very independent little turd. If it's not his idea... it's not an idea. I try to give him suggestions for dates etc but he never takes my advice. He wants to do it his way.  To ask this cute little lady to Prom, he gave her a live chicken with a poster that said "You'd be chicken not to go to Prom with ME!"
She answered with a bucket full of KFC and a poster that read "The Colonel says I'm no chicken... and he KNOWS chicken!" Hilarious :)