Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pirates Cove

Last weekend we were invited to an impromptu weekend at 'Pirates Cove' which is a privately owned resort-style home in Las Vegas. 22 rooms, 25 bathrooms, 2 water slides, 3 pools, rooftop teeter-totters, pool tables, pinball machines, slot machines, foosball, fullsize gym, indoor basketball court, theater room, Grotto style bar, etc. etc. etc. The scope of this amazing property is mind boggling. I still cannot comprehend that there are people in this humble world I live in that have this kind of $. God bless Greg for being friends with them. We knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so we threw the schedule in the trash, carpe-diem'd and just went for it. The 3.5 days that ensued were so action packed that we actually came home aching all over our bodies. We truly did need a vacation from our vacation. Wah Wah... I know.

Chillin by the pool, resting from all the chaos...
my baby boy and his pool blue eyes, they swam from sun up to sun down...
Luke chillin on a floatie behind the waterfall, Lewis is back there somewhere...he's camera shy.
Jake and Zac jumping off the cliffs, they eventually advanced to the 30 Ft birdsnest above them.
Luke and Lewis trying to get the cajones to jump off the birdsnest, the little boys had to show them how... Again, Lewis is camera shy.
Some of the Mom's sitting at the bottom of the slide for video op's.
Jake wanted his picture by a pirate for his fb page. That is the house we stayed in behind him. (1 of 6)
Exhausted hot tubbing in the evening, those tiny lights you can see waaaay in the distance, still the same property. It took us hours to explore the place. Every little hallway and closet was decorated just like Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland. I finally caught Lewis for a picture!
My favorite room out of the 22. The Voodoo Room. Totally decked out in all things black magic. There was a little journal in the night stand full of stories of strange goings on while people stayed in this room.
One of the boys in the underwater jail. There is a fishtank hiding in there also. Details, details.
The kids favorite part, unlimited slushies and ice cream cones. Zac asked me about 10 times "are you sure they're free mom?"
This is the kids pool. Can you say over the top? We spent many hours chilling in those chairs, waiting for energy and inspiration to hit us and send us back up the stairs for more sliding.
The rope swing. Many injuries occurred here. Between the swing and the big slide I think everyone walked away either bleeding or limping!
This is just a small sample of the decor in our little humble house we stayed in. Around 3000 sq ft of memorabilia, including an Indian motorcycle and a Harley Davidson. Just for looking at!

Judd jumping out of the birds nest. There are 2 more above that if that gives you an idea of the scope of the place.
Many, many sincere thanks to Greg for inviting us on this adventure. Our kids will never forget it and it will be impossible to top. Here is a video sampling of the crazy good time we had. ENJOY!