Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Lexi Lou

In January of this year we finally added a little girl to our clan of boys. Although it be a canine variety she still fills the need I have of nurturing and playing 'dress up' a baby girl. We had a family vote and decided to name her Lexi. After getting her home her name quickly grew to Lexi LouLou Belle Walker. I think she is the best dog ever. Smart, cute, playful, follows me around all day, loves to go to the boys sporting events, loves to ride in the car. I always said if god ever gave me a daughter she would probably end up being a tom boy anyways and this has proven to be true with Lexi. She loves to play in the mud, run through the mountains uninhibited and shag balls for her 'brothers'. She will tolerate her pink clothes I buy for her for a short amount of time until she can find a pile of dirt to roll in. Oh well, we all love her to pieces.

Orlando, Fl Vacation

We had our annual 2008 family vacation in Orlando, Fl this year. Our first few days there were quite nippy, in the 60's, but the low temps kept the theme parks quite empty. We spend the warmer days lounging by the pool at the Hotel and eating every ice cream every day promptly at 2:00. We spend 4 days at the Disney Parks which for us included The Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Blizzard Beach h20 Park. We also spend 2 days at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Basically we roller coastered ourselves to death. Luckily Jake was tall enough to ride most all this year, and Zac was very patient as we 'kid-swapped' him on the major rides. We also spend alot of time splitting up big kids and little kids with a parent each so they got time to do exactly what they wanted. I think honestly our funnest day was at the H20 Park because little dare devil Zac wanted to ride everything the grown-ups were riding. The life gaurds didn't seem to mind so neither did we! We also spent alot of time swimming, sunning, and mini-golfing at our great Horizons Marriott hotel. We spent our last night at the Hard Rock Hotel and the kids spent all but their sleeping time at the pool with the sandy beach and speakers under the H2O. We had a great vacation, spent a ton of money that we must now go home to try to pay off. (P.S. Luke picked up vacation girlfriend number 2&3 on this trip. Lauren and Daniel from N.Y.)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

even more sports

Luke's accelerated soccer team went undefeated this year in spring season games and playoff games. All was well until the championship game when they met up with the Lehi Strikers who looked like they had been eating steroids for breakfast. It was a very physical high paced game that ended in a loss for the Shooters. Score was 2 - 1. They had a great season and we were all very proud of them. This is the boys receiving their second place trophies. Major bummer.

sports, sports and more sports!

Good news! Jake was recently invited to try out for an accelerated baseball team by his wrestling coach. He made the team so we are now really busy running him around to practices and games all over the county. They have played 4 games so far and have won them all. He currently plays second base, but is having a little trouble with his batting skills. We'll keep working on it though! His coach is very fond of his mental and physical toughness. He likes the way Jake will slide into a base head first without thought to his physical well being. We overheard him saying " I like this kid, he's tough as nails." We'll keep you posted on his progress!