Saturday, May 18, 2013

Luke & Kaitlynn... Senior Prom

As Luke's Senior Year comes to a close we had fun getting him ready for Senior Prom with his girlfriend Kaitlynn. She chose a beautiful mint color gown which was perfect with her fair skin and dark hair. For him we went with a slim cut Dove Gray Calvin Klein suit with black accents and just a bit of mint green in the tie. There's nothing I hate worse than a colored vest, tie, and handkerchief. Can you say sherbert???

He might be nearly 18, but he still needs Dad's help with a tie...

And just because your dressed up doesn't mean you can't be sporting some rad socks under there...

Smiling big after successfully navigating the cuff links...

Outside the school before Promenade... Yes I'm that mean Mom that insists my kids do Promenade. It's all you get when your the Mom of boys!

An absolutely horrid pic of Promenade, but you get the jist...

Lovers on their way to a magical night.

 They went to dinner at the Country Club with a group of 12 friends, then Prom was at Sundance! A great night was had by all they reported. Sad that this is Luke's last dance and I have 3 long years to wait until Jake is old enough. I'm gonna have to find a neighbor to pick on.

Graduation Photo Shoot

Way back in the fall, when the school sent home the Jostens packet, full of a bunch of nonsense they wanted us to buy, with a sample of the hideous Graduation Announcement they had designed for us, I had a moment of panic. Was this what I was stuck with? This very simple and ugly tri-fold announcement with absolutely no good options for personalization? All that and the whopping cost of $3-4 per announcement! Whoa Whoa Whoa... back to the drawing board. Time to find someone to bail me out of this non option. In walks Angie Clayson. Gifted photographer that just happens to specialize in bailing people out of this exact thing. Scheduled the photo shoot, 2 weeks later I am blessed and very grateful to have these adorable 2 sided announcements to send out! Yay me!

Here is the rest of the amazing work she did. I can't believe how grown up he is all of a sudden. Hopefully I have done an adequate job of preparing him to go out into the world on his own in 3 months!

On to Graduation week which is sure to be very emotional in a good way for me. Let's hope I don't overload my blog with too much nostalgic nonsense!