Monday, August 15, 2011

Lake Powell 11.0

I recently noticed that I have a plethora of Lake Powell posts. So as not to get confused I have decided to name them by their year. Brilliant... I know. Stop the presses. Local woman comes up with a doosie.

So here we are in 2011 and after a long wait we were finally able to coordinate a weekend on the Lake with Wade's family. (some of them. it's impossible to all be there because of the family business) It was soooooo good. Easily my favorite part was watching Lynn and Bryce relive their earlier days on the Lake and act like bonafide children again. Here you will live a day in the life at Lake Powell. Can I just pre-empt this with what a joy it is to have a decent camera to capture these precious moments surrounded by beautiful scenery!

Bryce agrees with me

Cliff jumping kid style with Uncle Greg

Blue-eyed Kole happy as a clam as long as he had a bottle and a lid to play with

Jake, Zac, Ellie and Jett on the tube

Lynn enjoying tons of uninterrupted time with her grandkids

We spent every morning doing the obligatory sandhill trip, lots of fun there, especially the last day when a Varsity Scout group from Kansas let the kids slide down their houseboat slide for an hour... I think we wore out our welcome!

Saige, Jett, and Ellie running towards the splash down

Bryce and Paiton burying themselves in the sand

Jake too...
Lexi not to be left out...

We would let the kids tube and play for a bit then find a nice beach somewhere to dig, play, and eat lunch.

play a little paddle ball

and the kids would surf and swim

We would find a nice cool shady cliff to rest under for a bit

Then on to Antelope Point Marina for some 'kiddie pool' time for the young ones, including ice cream, and some drinks and air conditioning for the adults.

Spinning contest with Grandpa
Zac and Jett regaining their equilibrium after so much spinning

Greg being asked by some poor pathetic Europeans to take them wakeboarding. He was so sympathetic and really wanted to take them.

After everyone was sufficiently rested we were off for some early evening boarding and surfing. No surfing pix this year since I was busy driving the boat, but here are a few of our boarders.

First Jake

Then Zac getting a little air with the help of Uncle Greg. (Zac finally got up on the wakeboard solo this year but didn't get very far. We're hoping to master it by the end of the summer)
Our evenings were spent having dinner, stocking up on supplies at the local Wal-Mart (we always needed something!) and then usually a campfire with smores and showers at the Campground Restrooms. The camera never made it out of the boat so you will have to use your imagination for those pictures. (don't go as far as the showers though, you'll regret it)

On our last day we took advantage of the Marina Pool for awhile after moving Jodi's campsite. We had to be on the road by 2:00 so chose the less busy of the 2 water options.

My Jake soaking in the last of our sun

My Zac (holding his favorite Lake Powell treat, Easy Cheese. I refuse to buy it any other time. 1. because it's disgusting 2. because it's expensive 3. because it's nutrient free)

My Man doing what he does best, something techie.

Pointing out which Houseboats we want to own someday..... Dream on!
Goodbye to the Lake that we love so much... until next year.

Hold the phone. Just noticed not a single photo of my gorgeous Sis in Laws in my post. I promise they were there so here you are.

Jodi loving on her sleeping Kole. She is my hero because she braved 4 days at the Lake with 3 kids under the age of 6 sans hubbie. What a woman!

Leslie with Greg. ( I claim it's out of focus not because I'm a bad photographer, but because she is so little it's hard to focus on her )
Sayonara lake dwellers. Had a great time with you. Lots of love!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Blog to Print

I am a Groupon Nerd... so when I recently came across a Groupon for a company that take's your blog postings and converts them to a hard back book I was psyched! It was $12 for a $25 book. I went into it knowing full well that I had alot more than $25 worth of book to print. I have been blogging for 3 years now! I went whole hog and had them print the whole kit n' caboodle. It cost me $52 total with my coupon, shipping, etc. for a 135 page book! It also reached me in about a week. That's like a 3 year journal that I never had to put a pen to. We live in a modern society, and this blog thing is as close to journaling as I'll ever get. If you ever run across one of these deals I highly recommend it. My family has been having fun reading this look that's all about the last 3 years of our lives... highs and lows.

PS. The company is called Sharedbook and here is a little photo of my final product!