Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally, remodel pictures

I've been a belated blogger. Our kitchen-great room remodel has been done for months now and I have failed to post the pictures on my blog. I have had several people ask, so sorry, but here it finally is. I was stupid and posted the 'after' pictures first, but it takes too long to delete and reload them all so you get what you get. As you can see it is a dramatic transformation. We went in a totally different direction than what we previously had. The old room served us well for 10 years, but it was time for an update. Thanks to Josh for all the great ideas, and for humoring me with stupid questions like "what kind of lights should I buy?", and "does the accent chair have to be the exact same height as the sectional?". The stupid things you stress about when you're dumping a huge chunk of change into something.

My favorite parts of our new space are the glass fronted cabinets with lights behind them, the double ovens, the dark new floors, the countertops Wade picked out, and finally having seating for 7 in front of the T.V. Our cabinet guy did a fantastic job also, and was patient with us wanting everything done RIGHT NOW! It's hard not having a functioning kitchen for months and months. Also, thanks to Wade for humoring me through all my little fixations and being a terrible quality control monitor while he was doing the tile backsplash. We adore the new light, airy coastal feel of our room. So much more to do on this house though. If anyone knows of a $ tree let me know. I will let you all know what our next big project is soon, and hopefully be more punctual in posting pictures of the results.