Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snowy St George

Last weekend we started our years worth of Rebels Baseball! We traveled to Sunny (ha ha) St George for the President's day Tournament. The boys started out a bit rusty, but quickly worked out the kinks and went three for three on the first two days. Needless to say it was not warm and beautiful like we hoped it would be. The tournament ended out being rained out which was a total bummer because the Rebels were the first seed going into championship day!

Jake is one serious little base stealer, watch out wheels!!

I am loving my new Rebel zoom zoom camera. I can get such great pics from clear out in the field!

This is the picture Jake let me post of him pitching. Apparently it's a good picture showing his pitching balance and mechanics. Pitching Coach Dan would be proud...

Coach Wade cheering on his little men, they did great!!!

Jake stretching for that hit!


Another sweet pitching capture. Check out the way that arm revs up!

We spent a little time working on some projects in the Ivins house, hung some new lights, washed some used tiles for future bathroom remodels, got another bed in the house, shower rods and curtains, etc.

Still no TV so the boys entertained themselves in the bad weather by playing games on their I-touch's. Their favorite was 'Words with Friends' which is fine with me! Expanding vocabulary and learning spelling disguised in a game... great!

Sunday morning we woke up to 3 inches of snow...the kids were disappointed, but it proved to be very photographic!

Heavy snow laden Palm tree in the back yard...

Chilled Agave...

Frosted Cactus Blooms...

My fellow photographer and cousin Mandy!

Powdered Sugar Scenery...

Next up Arizona in 3 weeks!!! It better be warm...

Monday, February 07, 2011

Little Sis Gets Hitched

This is a very late post on a very fun time of my life. My baby Sister got married in Austin, TX on January 8th. Wade and I packed up the boys and our dressy clothes, hopped on a plane, and had a wild weekend in Texas. Night 1 was Bachelor and Bachelorette parties... enough said...

This is the morning after photo. We are on our way to pick up Lynseys dress!

It was my first time seeing her in it so I was a little weepy, as were we all. The poor seamstress was overrun by 8 of us descending upon her tiny little shop. It was pretty intense learning how to bustle that dress up with needle nose pliers in 9 different places and knowing I would have to remember how to do it under pressure. Thankfully, we pulled it off without a hitch.

Even with no make-up on and hair on a pony, you could tell she was going to be beautiful!

There was also a very complicated criss-cross bustier type back on it. There are better pix later that display this. Mom was in heaven.

That night was the rehearsal outdoors at the venue. It was a beautiful warm night and we got to practice our parts (belly button to the bride) and enjoy a sunset at the same time.

Is it just me, or do they both look a little freaked out in this one?

As you can see, a gorgeous setting for an outdoor wedding, right along the riverfront.

And a gorgeous sunset to boot!

After the rehearsal we all piled in cars and cabs and went to the Rehearsal Dinner. Good food, wine, family, and new friends!

Justin and Loree getting all lovey-dovey.

The proud parents of the Bride the night before her wedding, cool as cucumbers.

The day of the wedding dawned sunny and beautiful, though storms had been threatening in the forecast all week. Alas, we had faith and forged on with the outdoor plans. The afternoon for the females of the Bridal Party was spent in the bridal suite for wedding preparations.

Big Sis doing Little Sis's toenails. Hold still Kitty Kitty.

Mimosa's anyone?

What naughty little thing are you gonna wear tonight Lynsey?

Final touches on the princess by Laura, our beautician magnifique!

Finally it was time to get the ball rolling. After an impromptu serenade down the elevator of "Going to the Chapel" We were all grinning from ear to ear and ready to party! (especially Mom and Sis)

Inside was all set up in all shades of cream and greens with candles everywhere. Gorgeous.

Lynsey's not-so-typical wedding cake... The French Opera... my taste buds thank her.

The flowers were designed by Lynsey's boss, Benoit. They were in a word, Spectacular. There is much buzz about them landing a spot in a bridal magazine layout.

This is the aisle before many people had arrived yet.

And here we go! My handsome parents...

The Bridal party all lined up and ready to go. (No one fell down the stairs, phew)

Here comes the Bride, with her Daddy going very slowly and watching her every move.

Ahhh, Finally, there she is

And they're married! Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy. Such a glowing happy couple.

My handsome family was very patient throughout the entire weekend. They had to fend for themselves in an unfamiliar city for things to do as Mom was busy with the Bride. I will be eternal grateful for them never once asking why I couldn't come with them. They knew how important it was to me to share this time with my sister and allowed me to do it. I have beautiful memories that I will treasure always...

My kids labeled Lynsey's wedding as the funnest ever. There was incredible food, music, dancing, cake, beautiful girls to oogle at and fireworks at the end of the night. What could be better?

My Dad, always the life of the party, leading the train...

Mi Amore

Cutting the cake

More dancing

My favorite picture from the night. Me and my Siblings!!!

Grandpa giving every kid in the building a piggy-back dance.

Jake being paid $20 to ask the hottest girl in the room t0 dance.

Line up properly and well balanced please and we shall show them off with sparklers.

Off into the night they go, following the twinkly lights to their happy future together.

You're Big Sis loves you dearly Lyns