Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dream Come True

Tomorrow is the one week anniversary of the best day of my life, so I thought it high time I blog about it. Last Wednesday was the Keith Urban concert. Now don't go getting all judgemental on me. I am not a back country hick. Keith is the least 'country' of all country artists. Besides that he is smoking hot!!! Wade and I went to his concert a few years ago and were equally blown away at the pure talent this guy has. His guitar, keyboard, and singing skills were amazing and we were sold. Since then I have acquired quite a lengthy collection of Urban music, and am proud to say that I love it. It makes me happy when I am sad, and I can frequently be heard singing it at the top of my lungs from my car or living room.
Back to the concert. We had pretty decent seats, though not floor seats, and were having a great time when there arose a buzz around us. Everyone was pointing down a few seats to our left. Wade turned to me and said "Hunny, their putting up a stage right there!" The look in his eyes told me he was serious. Here comes the not so proud moment in my marriage. I quickly pushed Wade aside and told him to MOVE!!! I then proceeded to trample about 5 perfect strangers to secure my position right next to the stage. That wasn't good enough so I climbed up on the 2 inch hand rail and balanced myself there. No sooner did I look up and there he was. I swear he glows just like you would expect a god to. He stayed right there on that 3ft x 3ft stage and sang "You look good in my shirt" all the way through.
I was in heaven. Being that close to someone you have idolized for years is pretty cool. I admit to copping a feel here and there, and I was almost brazen enough to steal a guitar pick from his stand. After the concert several people I knew that were there said they saw me on the bigscreen 'head banging' away with Keith. I was in such a daze that I never looked up to the big screen for my 3 minutes of glory! Wade, being the awesome guy he is, was about 5 people away, in our original seats snapping away pictures with his phone and trying desperately to get my attention so I would turn around and have my face in a few pix. Again, I was lost in the moment and didn't hear a thing. What a dope. So here are the best of the blurry phone pix of the amazing Keith Urban and the back of my head.