Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter...Walker style

 Easter is officially done, and on the books. Here's how we roll...

 Easter party at the Reeces including dinner, a tower of sugar, and the now famous 'color coded' Easter egg hunt. I am Chartreuse... don't touch my frigging eggs. (they have $ in them)

Easter morning Wade and I opted for brunch at the Country Club after the boys successfully hunted down their Easter Baskets at home.  It was another well done affair. The Easter Bunny even made an appearance! As you may be able to tell from this photo op, the 'suit' either needs to be retired or dry cleaned. Poor Zac has it written all over his face.

After brunch we strapped on the clubs and went golfing as a family. This was apparently a novel idea because I don't think we saw another soul the whole 9 holes. Fine by us! Jake refuses to golf (might mess up his baseball swing) so he was free to huck golfballs all over the place without ticking anyone off.

Love this pic of my soldiers all in a row...

Still love to watch this kid golf. His competitive days may be over, but I will always enjoy hitting the links with him.

Jake was our photographer here stating "I can't be seen with a golf club in my hand"

That afternoon we had another fun party at the Rawlings with more yummy food and hanging out with family while the kids fought over candy. It may be our last family party at their house, which is on the market, so it was a little bittersweet! Since it was Spring Break the next week and the forecast said rain, we parents got together and made a plan to meet at Lowes Extreme Air Sports later in the week for more fun cousin time. Here's the result!

 They ran and jumped and played and climbed and swung and threw foam balls to their hearts content. You must understand how hard it was to get these 6 to hold still for one tiny pic. There was no way we were going to get Kole and Brody in there without a fight. It used to be Jett that was the stubborn one... the baton has been passed, and they stubbornly clench their fists around it together (while taking sucker punches at one another). Gotta love boys! On to warmer weather, baseball, Prom, school getting out which involves a Graduation (eek), and summer Sundays on the lake. Bring it on... We're ready.