Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter '11

Happy Easter 2011! Here are a few highlights of our day.

Stuffed baskets on Easter morning... my boys are not traditional 'Peeps' and 'Chocolate Bunny' eaters. We opt for things like Pringles, Pepsi, and Beef Jerky...

I don't think it's ever been warm enough at our house for an outdoor Easter Egg Hunt, here are the little boys hunting for eggs in the basement...

On to Grandma Patsy's for Lunch and fun, couldn't resist the strawberries with chocolate in the background... yummy!

windowsill eggcellence

Ready... set... go! We all push each other down to find our designated color and style of eggs, this woman is organized! We had to be de-breifed before the hunt.

Shelbie stuffed a ton of 'Confetti Eggs' and we had an egg fight with them... So cute before.

So fun to throw at each other...

So messy afterwords!

Then we were on to Grandma Lynn's for more yummy food, and another Easter Egg Hunt.

Zac is thrilled with the amount of yummy treats he finds inside.

We hope everyone had a happy day and took a moment to remember Jesus!

Late Spring Snow

During the recent late Spring snowstorm, Lexi and I snuck outside with the new camera to sneak a few pics.

Here's my cute orange beach bike, covered in 6 inches of heavy wet snow...

Sunshine and snow?

Lexi adores rolling in fresh snow. The only problem is it forms huge snowballs in her fur which take hours to melt fireside.

Ironically I had just planted pansies in a few pots the day before... serves me right!

My fluffy little lambs ear plant suffered a bit in the weather.

Colorfest 2011

The boys and I went to Colorfest this year! It was a rockin good time for a Sunday afternoon in Utah County! Live Music, big crowds, and fun fun fun!

We were... in a word... filthy when we got home. It was well worth it though, even the pink hair I was stuck with for about 2 weeks.

Luke went very begrudgingly, not his scene. (probably was his scene just not with his Mom and brothers)

We were all pretty much bullied into this by Jake. He wanted desperately to go. It was raining and cold so I tried to get out of it but alas, we went and had a ton of fun.

Zac loves anything that involves getting dirty. His smile is a testament to his jolly good time.