Monday, June 06, 2011

Ivins Family Time

We had some family time recently at the Ivins house. Mom, Dad, Me with Jake and Zac, Justin and Loree with Shelbie, Nash, and Bodey. It was a full house full of love and fun!

We rarely eat out when we're together. Too many good cooks in the kitchen! This is breakfast ala Greg (homemade blueberry buttermilk pancakes....yummy)
Mom, Dad and I had spent 3 hours the evening before hanging those blasted pendant lights. Not as easy as they look, but well worth it. They replaced the most hideous 70's track lights you have ever seen.

Lexi and Molly "Bacon please Jake?" Before breakfast we had taken a hike up Red Mountain, that's why the dogs are a slight pinkish hue.

500...but don't dive for the ball in the cactus!

We managed a little garage clean-up time somewhere in between all of our laziness. That is a ton of home improvement refuge. Hint to the wise, the land fill in Washington County doesn't charge to dump! And they have huge recycling bins there. Mom managed to smuggle out a few recyclables and placed them in the appropriate bins as Justin sped away yelling "See ya later Tree Hugger!"

Bodey is lovin' him some hose action...

The temperature, especially at night was such a stark difference from home that the kids opted to sleep out one night. We were making bets on who would be in on the couch first, but low and behold... they all made it through the night! (PS. Nash and Jake are the studs roughing it without air mattresses)

Next day the while Mom and Dad did their religious duty and the Justin and Nash hit the golf course, the rest of us went to hike the narrows. Jake had longed to do this for quite some time and absolutely loved it. I think he went up and down that crack about 8 times.

Red Rock Beauties... Loree and Shelbie

The kids posing 'Indian Style' at a man improved ruin... the cement roof gave it away.

I dig this tree that is growing right at the entrance of the narrow. How something can thrive in those conditions is beyond me but I love it. Green leaves against red rocks is one of my favorites. I am the tree hugger in this scenario.

Me braving the narrow after watching the kids do it a few times. Loree assessing the situation and deciding that her appendages won't allow her that particular adventure ;-)

Random cute pic of Jake, I liked the yellow blooms in the background.

Before going home the girls took some girlie time and did pedicures. We all went home with cute toes to remember our trip by. Butterfly...Flutterby...

These are the days of our lives...the times we remember fondly...the ones we always try to recapture, but never fully appreciate when we're in the middle of them.

Oh wait just a sec... last but not least. As I was finishing this post I realized there was not a single photo of Nash included so I began to search, long and hard, and my search was fruitful. He will hate me for this but here ya go. The only picture I managed to get of this crafty camera-dodging lad. NASH!!! Reading a book in his jammies.