Sunday, July 12, 2009

oh baseball, oh baseball

This is my post dedicated to that summer time-sucker I like to call baseball. Ya, Ya I know it's 'America's favorite pasttime' but one can accomplish so much more when there are not 3-4 games a night to attend. Don't get me wrong, I love to watch my little guys have hard sphere's whizzing past their faces at 30 mph. I just get seriously tired of greasy hamburgers, overbearing parents who think they are the coach, and even worse, kids who don't really want to be there (would rather be at dance or theater class) being forced into it by their P.U.'s. Here are my favorite pix from the season.

My Jake does indeed love it even after a full season on two teams and being hit by that ball several times, which literally knocked his 50 pound frame to the ground.
Zac also thoroughly enjoys it although he is still in the 'experimental' phase of the game. He likes to play whatever his big bro's are playing at the moment.

No we move on to the spring-fall time sucker AKA soccer. Go Shooters!