Saturday, May 08, 2010

Theater Room is Done (well almost)

Why is it that remodeling projects always seem so fun when you're dreaming up the possibilities, picking out chairs, and carpet? Then it all goes to hell and you are suddenly knee deep in sawdust, electrical wire, holes in your sheet rock, and red dust EVERYWHERE! Nothing ever goes perfectly and this project was no exception. Thanks to a lot of blood, sweat, tears, heavy machinery, and good friends and family that aren't afraid of a little hard labor (Rory) we are finally enjoying our new room. This room is definitely man-tastic. It just oozes testosterone.
We still have a few small touches left like movie posters, component closet door, and one more section of countertop on the pony bar but I thought it was finished enough to post.

Here is what it has looked like for the last 10 years...

This is about midway through the construction...

This is our finished product...
wet bar
view from the back (the wall is the pony bar, it will have a black granite countertop and 4 chrome and black barstools)

view from the front, Wade and Jake are watching the Jazz Game

view from behind the front row of chairs

Although it's only a few weeks old, we have thoroughly christened our room with 4 parties so far. I'm sure there will be many to follow! If anyone wants to come watch a movie we charge a nominal fee of one Blue Ray DVD per visit. lol.