Friday, June 26, 2009

We love Lake Powell!!!

This is my first Lake Powell post of the summer! We love the place and are there about once a month for May - August. This is pix of our end of May trip.

Can it get any prettier than that?

Luke doing his version of "The Thinker" (he's going to kill me for that one)

Crystal clear waters on red rock. Nothing better.

Yes I am confident enough to post a picture of myself with absolutely no makeup on. Please be nice.
I am currently blogging about Powell because I am sitting at my house waiting for the rain to stop so I can go to Powell again. Tents are no fun in the rain...
To all those friends who were invited on this trip but couldn't fit it into their busy lives ... see ya next week sucka's!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last the best... Zac is 6!

This will be the last of my sappy birthday blog posts. Bare with me as I brag about the last of my offspring.
My baby, Zachary Bryce turned 6 this week. It is very hard for the baby in the family to have the very last birthday. He had a great day and a great pool party with his closest buddies the next day.
Zac is the perfect mix of his two older brothers. He can fight with the best of them, even keeping up with Jake, and he also has a very sensitive almost phobic side to him. This week we have been through the fear of being attacked by a mountain lion, and the fear of being struck by lightning in his sleep. Bedtime is an interesting proposal with our little Zac.
Zac is very shy, often limiting himself to only a friend or two. When he does branch out to play with someone new he discovers alot he didn't know about himself.
Zac loves to imitate his brothers and play whatever sport they are currently involved in. He does well at whatever he tries and is naturally athletic.
Zac is truly still our baby and loves to snuggle in Mom and Dad's bed every night if we would allow it. He also cracks my door open first thing in the morning to see if I'm awake. If so he comes and climbs into bed for more snuggle time.
We love you little buddy! Happy 6th Birthday!