Saturday, December 12, 2009

Zoetry at Paraiso de la Bonita

Time to blog about our latest adventure. Wade and I were lucky enough to spend a glorious week in Mexico last week. Thanks to our wonderful parents who are always willing to watch the boys. We went to the Zoetry Resort & Spa in Paraiso de la Bonita, which is located halfway inbetween Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Here are our favorite highlights. There are quite a few pictures so bear with me.

We spent an entire day sailing. We sailed for about 2 hours, dropped anchor on a sandbar next to a reef, then went snorkelling for about 45 min. We then hopped back aboard, sailed to shore where we got to play on a beautiful beach for about an hour, then sailed home. They staff was awesome. Food, drinks, and dry towels a plenty.

Do we look relaxed or what? They had beautiful little beach palapa's that were great during the day, and also for sunset watching in the evening as we are doing here. The sun went down really early, about 5:00 so that meant to get in enough sun time we had to hit the beach around 9 AM! What a rough life.

This was by far Wade's favorite part of the trip. (other than me in a swimsuit all day, tee hee) Fresh Pico De Gallo and Guacamole anytime he asked for it! He would have it at 10 in the morning, with lunch, and for an afternoon snack around 4 PM. It was sooooo good!

We took a cooking class one afternoon from the Dessert chef on staff at the resort. We learned how to make a bittersweet chocolate sauce to dip fresh fruit in, and Bananas Flambe'. It was pretty fun! Don't we look hot in our hair nets?

Daily walks on the beach in triplicates fulfilled our exercise needs for the week. The beach was filled with these HUGE conch shells. Yes I did manage to get one home. I'm my mothers daughter.

This was the pool. We spent alot of time here. When you would approach the pool area, you're assigned waiter would meet you at a chair, lay towels on it for us, fetch me an umbrella because I like my face shaded, and bring us our favorite drinks. I felt like Ivanka Trump! At meal times they would bring you a menu which included everything from burgers, steak, sushi, ceviche, wood grilled fish, etc. If you wanted it, they would find it.

Every morning we would roll over in bed, order room service for breakfast and it would be delivered 30 minutes later to our private lanai. Here we are having kick butt waffles and macadamia french toast. Yumsters!

Here is a pic of the other half of the lanai. I am looking out over the ocean in my bathrobe. Tough life, I know.

One of my fav's was the twice daily room cleaning. They were thorough too! At night they would come freshen up you're towels, turn down you're bed, spray you're linens with lavender spray, spread fresh tropical blooms on you're sheets, and leave you the love message for the day along with the schedule for yoga, spa treatments, sailing excursions for the next day. So many decisions...

This was our re-creation of the Corona commercial. We both love those commercials, so we thought we would make our own version and print it off to look at when home during the dreary month of January. This is now my screen saver for good reason. Beautiful!

It was bar none the best trip we have ever taken in a field of tough competition. Thanks sweetie for finding us such a beautiful place where I was treated like the queen I know I am! JK. Love ya babe... until next time...