Sunday, September 05, 2010

off to see Lynsey we go!

Time to blog about my recent trip to Austin, TX to visit Lynsey! She has lived there for about a year now so it was high time I made the trek to see what this place is all about. Lynsey and Nick seem to love it there so I was super excited to drag Haley along for the adventure. She was a super good sport about being just thrown in with the family mix, and even endured a little hard labor one day. What a gal! We started our trip with a hellacious travel day, up at 4AM not to arrive in TX until 4PM. Sucky layover. After that it was on to see where Lynsey and Nick work and live, and to go have drinks and appetizers at 'The Oasis' overlooking Lake Travis.

We were all very happy to see each other, so much kissing ensued.
Dad is not one to be outdone so he had to get in on the kissing action. Very inappropriate, but I did keep my promise to not post it on Facebook!
The next morning Haley and I caught some much needed pool time. We girls love our pool time.
Later that day I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of being able to watch my only Sister try on Bridal Gowns. What a thrill. Keeping with the tradition of not letting the Groom see the Bride in a gown before the big day I will only post this little pic of the 5 hour endeavor. Nick this is what you're Bride's torso may look like in a gown...
Happy females enjoying the Bridal parade!

We enjoyed a late late dinner, then it was off to the infamous Sixth Street. These old girls still know how to party!

After everything closed (at 2AM) the street vendors arrive to sell food. Best Brat ever!
The next day we had a lovely brunch at 'The Magnolia Cafe' and then did a quick sightseeing car tour of the city and the University of Texas campus. When Haley started to melt (tee hee) we retired to Lynsey and Nick's for some good old manual labor in the name of remodeling. No pictures allowed of sweaty people scraping nasty texture off ceilings and ripping down cabinets.

Austin City Skyline
A small corner of the HUGE Longhorn Stadium

After that it was off for a quick burger at 'P Terry's' and off to see the bats take off at dusk. Freaking cool. They only do this for a few months in the early fall but if you can imagine 1.5 Million bats taking flight all within about 15 minutes you can try to get the jist of it. I can only compare it to the black moving fog on LOST. (with a suspicious ammonia smell attached)

The next day we had to return home to get the kiddo's ready for the first day of school. Needless to say we were a little reticent to see our trip come to an end, hence the sad faces below...

But the happy face returned when I ran into an old friend...

That's all for now. Looking forward to many return trips to this lovely city!