Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A note to my family

Have you ever been engaged in a conversation with another person and they are completely ignoring you? That's what it's like to blog if people don't leave you comments. I know you all check the blog, so use your highly honed computer skills and start leaving me a comment every now and then. I'm not going to name names, you know who you are. That's enough for now. Bye Bye.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Copy Cat

Ok, so a wise woman once told me that this blog isn't all about my kids so here's a post dedicated to me and only me. I am taking a page from my sis-in-laws blog and turning it into a challenge to a few of my girlies. I am hereby tagging Heidi, Haley, and Alli. If you're up to the challenge here are the rules. For each question asked you go to Google Images and pick your favorite picture to answer your question. Here goes.

My favorite vacation spot: Hawaii

My Favorite Color:
Where I grew up: Salem, Utah

My Favorite Food: Crab Legs

Where I'd like to travel: New York City

My favorite treat: Creme Brulee

A past love:

My Favorite Animal:

My first name: (this one was a bit tricky, you wouldn't believe all the kinky stuff that comes up when you google my name!)

My last name:

What I am doing right now: watching boys fight
Where I live: Spanish Fork, Utah (these are the famous crop circles of '04)

My age:
Ok, tag you're it. Have fun!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kickin it in P.C.

Yes this is the second post today. Sorry, I had a little catching up to do. A few weeks ago we got to spend a 4 day weekend in Park City. We always look forward to our annual Fall trip up the mountains. It was not quite as easy this year because we had to come back down to the valley for Luke's soccer game and Jake's 2 baseball games. Oh well, we managed to have fun anyways.

We checked in to the Marriott and immediately went to explore main street. Here's a pix of the boys on the famous bear. Do you recognize him? Luke was apparently too cool for this pix. It's a drag being a teenager.

Of course we spent lots of hours at the pool. This is the boys having a 'chicken fight'. They wanted to swim all day and all night. Make's me wonder if it would get old if you had a pool at your house? Grandpa Stewart was also in town so we went to dinner with him that night. It was fun to get to spend a little time with him.

On Sunday Mom and Dad escaped for a while and went to check out the street fair. The boys went to the activity center to play games. There are alot of strange people in P.C. Would you believe a 50 year old woman hula-hooping in spandex? We bought some yummy caramel apples and fudge and went back to share them with the boys.

Grandma Patsy joined us later that day and we all went to dinner at our favorite P.C. restaurant 'Bandits'. Yummy. Monday was spent shopping all day and then going to lunch with Grandma Patsy and Lynsey. It was a jam packed but relaxing and restful 4 day break from the real world. We really want to do it again in the winter this year when we could spend our days on the slopes. Maybe!

Quality time with Dad

Sometimes in life you just have to take time to slow down and play with your kids. This is hard for the mom but it is especially hard for the dad because they're gone so much. Jake has recently been wanting to 'build something out of wood' to fulfill a requirement for scouts and also just to see what he could make. I stole some wood from Grandma and Grandpa Reece's yard that they had recently torn out of their bathroom they are remodeling. I brought it home to surprise Jake and you would have thought it was Christmas morning. He went to work getting all the nails out of it and dreaming up what he was going to turn it into. He had to wait for dad to get home and then they got out the power tools and went to work. It was so cute to watch. What did they end up making. Why guns of course, they are boys you know!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Forks Washington Girls Trip

Ok, if you're not a fan of the Twilight series then you can just stop reading right now becaue you just won't 'get it' and I won't have any haters reading my blog. For the rest of you here goes. Last week a girlfriend (Hayley) and I went on a girl trip to Forks Washington to see it all with 1000 other crazy women. It was a freaking blast. I was an enthusiastic casual fan of the books so when the invitation came along I thought it would be fun to put a real picture with the images in my head. I was spot on. This is me at the entrance of the tiny little town.
The weather was dissapointingly sunny and warm but in the mornings we had a nice wet, cold marine layer that made everything just perfect. (twisted right?) Who wants it to be 80 degrees in Washington? We were thrilled when it cooled off enough to throw on the sweaters and boots in the mornings an evenings. This is us eating at the infamous 'Bella Italia' and yes I had the mushroom ravioli.
We did various Twilight related activities like hiking in the Hoh Rainforest, beautiful, and watching the Quileute tribe do an Indian Dance followed by bonfires and tribal legend storytelling on First Beach.
It was the funnest trip ever. I laughed so hard I had to change my undies daily. tee hee. There are alot of crazy people out there who take this much more seriously than I do, so we met alot of truly strange individuals. The people of the town were very gracious and appreciative of all the tourism $ we were dumping into their little po-dunk city.
If you too are a fan and would like to see the full photo collection to complete your visions send me comment with your e-mail address and i'll send you the link to my snapfish photo book. Thanks for reading and Go Spartans!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

sibling surfing saturday

Last Saturday the Sibs and I got to spend the afternoon on the lake learning to surf behind the new boat. It was a beautiful afternoon with no wind, glassy water, and lots of laughs. It was truly remarkable to have us all in one spot at the same time. That usually only happens on X-mas and maybe if mom and dad are footing the bill for a trip. So this was truly a rarity. As you can see some of my siblings need to let Mr. UV Ray into their busy schedules a bit more often (Nick). This is Lynsey and Nick in all their pastie glory. Pretty cute aren't they?
This is a darling pix of Justin and his new squeeze Davina. We all thought she was super fun and easy going and not easily intimidated by our barrage of questions. Anyone who will go buy a $10 bikini at Shop-Ko to join her boyfriends family for a boating outing is OK in my book.
As you can see from this pix we even had Josh gracing us with his presence. What a treat! He's the one making all the girls look chubby on the back of the boat. (stupid gifted skinny genes)
Here's the little guys waiting for their turn in the water. They have mastered the fine art of patience since the boating trips have taken over our days off. As you can see we had a fabulous day with lots of laughs and love. Maybe next year we'll actually extend it by a few days and make it to Lake Powell. We can only dream.....

Monday, September 01, 2008

First Day of School

Ok folks, it's that magical time of year that parents anticipate and children dread. The start of a new school year. Let's give you a run down of the happenings of a new year of school at the Walker household. But first here is an absolutely hilarious picture of Lexi in her new school clothes. Yes I need professional help. Can you just see the excitement in her eyes?

First we have Zac. He is starting Kindergarten at Spanish Oaks Elementary School and his teacher is Mrs.Olson. He is a little nervous about having to go to school 'every day' because he has always been quite fond of his days at home with mommy. He is most excited to get to ride his scooter home with his big brother and friends. That will have to wait a few weeks though until Jake is no longer in his soft cast.

Next we have Luke. He is in the 8th grade at Diamond Fork Junior High School. He has too many classes to list but is quite excited because his first 3 periods are Body Conditioning, Health, and Weight Training. He says he doesn't even have to get out of his sweats until almost lunch time! He is most excited for the girl scene at the J.H. He has never had a lack of attention from the female species. He will probably be trying out for the Golf team at school. We'll keep you posted.
Next is Jake. He is a 3rd grader at Spanish Oaks Elementary School and his teacher is Mr. Rigby. He is really excited to have a male teacher this year because they come out and play football at recess. Jake pretends to hate school because he thinks thats P.C. but those who know him well know how much he really enjoys it. His teachers always gush about his infectious sense of humor and personality.

Don't they look fabulous! All spiffed up and ready to learn. Shoes are compliments of Grandma Lynn. They get to spend an afternoon shopping with her and then they all go to lunch together. You know how grandma's love to shop! Backpacks and school supplies are compliments of Grandma Patsy. She gets to relive her childhood by shopping for these items with the boys. I have never seen a woman so excited over a box of crayons before. The boys really treasure these special dates with their Grandma's. (Not to mention the huge help it is to the pocketbook of mom and dad. Thanks Grandma's!)