Thursday, July 17, 2008

new boat for us!

Ok family. You can stop wondering when we are going to replace the old boat with a new. This week we purchased in conjunction with another family to shoulder the financial burden a new used boat. Jodi and Rory Collins are our co-owners. We think they will be the perfect because Rory is so OCD that it will always be spotless, full of gas, and covered in his garage. It is a Mastercraft X2 and it is sweet! We got a killer deal on it from a guy who is closing down his wakeboarding company. His loss is our gain. Here us some pictures of our first day out. Let the Lake Powell trips begin! Now everyone needs to start bugging Mom and Dad to buy that houseboat share that we need. Step up Family!

German Legoburu

Ok, so a few updates on our lives. We have been extremely busy lately because we have had a foreign exchange student from Zarautz Spain staying with us since June 24th. His name is German, he is 16 years old, he's very quiet but has a very cute personality hiding behind it and he eats alot! His favorite Amerian pasttimes are IM'ing his peeps back home, playing basketball, and shopping. Here are just a few pix of him.