Friday, August 21, 2009

Time to catch up

Wow, a month and a half since a post. I definitely have not felt like bragging about my life lately, but I am slowly pulling myself out of the ditch and moving on. Most of you know our tragic house story but for those who don't here it is. Que the violins. We had sold our house, and put a considerable amount of Ernest $ on the house of our dreams. The buyers of our house wanted to be in quickly so we proceeded to start moving our stuff into a storage unit quickly because we couldn't get into our house for about a month later. House close date was scheduled for a Tuesday, loan close date was 5:00 on a Friday. We received a phone call from our Realtor at about Noon on Friday saying that they buyers were pulling out stating loan denial. They had already been pre-approved for the home and had put $60,000 down so we were shocked. I quickly jumped into the pool of crazy people because I couldn't believe that this could happen when just a week earlier they were begging us to move up the close date a week. It took 11 months to get a decent offer, 1 month to move all our stuff into storage, and 5 minutes to have it all come crashing down around our ears. After all of this we decided that this was God's subtle way of telling us we were not supposed to move, so we decided to sink all of our extra money into a major remodel. This brings us to this point. The house is a complete mess, but things are coming along nicely. Out with the old, in with the new. Josh has been unbelievably knowledgeable and helpful through this process. We are hoping to have our new kitchen/great room completed within the next two weeks. I will post some before and after pix when it's all done to see what you all think. After that we are moving on to bathrooms.

The summer has completely gotten away from me with all the stress, but we did manage to do a few fun things here and there. Here are some of my favorite pix from the season.

Childrens Museum:

Lake Powell:
Payson Pool:
Lake Powell: