Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vegas for Veterans Day

I realize that I do waaaay to many baseball posts. I really do try to even it out with other things, I promise. Jake has been living and breathing this sport since he was 7 years old. He has played on a few different teams but eventually settled comfortably into the 'Rebels' when Wade took the leap and decided to coach. They have steadily improved as a team, dropping and picking up players when necessary, and basically practicing their butts off year round.

They play in about 1 tournament a month. We have traveled all throughout the state of Utah, into Arizona and Nevada. For some reason unbeknown to us that elusive First place has been frustratingly out of our reach. Always going home with 2nd or 3rd place. Until now that is....

We decided earlier in the year it would be fun to go to Vegas in the Fall to play at the Big League Dream Park. We paid our $500 registration fees, rented a house, packed up the truck and hit the road. 4 Pool play games were challenging but our boys played flawless defense, and our deep pitching bench held up. On to championship day with a 1 seed. We were excited, but had been here so many times before that we were also carefully optimistic.

Well, the old saying 'Hard work pays off' finally came true. The Rebels went to war with a Nevada team and a California team. They won both games by a margin of 1. They were both immensely intense games. I was a pacing, nail biting, photo taking, nightmare bundle of nerves. I wanted it so bad for them I could taste it. When that final run was scored to end the game I literally dropped to my knees and cried. Have you ever wanted something so bad for your kids and you finally see them achieve it and it brings you to your knees? Incredible feeling.

I'm glad it didn't come easy. I'm glad they had to work hard for it. It makes victory so much sweeter when there is blood, sweat and tears to back it up. Way to go Rebels. This Rebel mom is Proud as a Peacock!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Utes & Us in San Fran

Wade & I took our annual road trip to watch the Utes play an away game a few weeks ago. We pulled out the football schedule months ago and decided that San Francisco in October sounded grand. Here is our Hotel Monaco in the heart of the city. Notable quote from the concierge. "When you leave the Hotel, always go right. Never go left, left is bad very bad."

Upon our arrival we hit the Fisherman's Wharf. First stop... Boudin Bakery for the original sourdough bread. Holy shitake it was delicious.

We wandered the waterfront, stumbled into the nickel arcade with all it's refurbished puppet shows, peep shows, and games. Here's Wade trying to get a peep at the Triple XXX show. Sorry kid, built around 1950 the only skin was a bit of knee.

When the hunger pangs returned, we stepped up to the crab bar and got us some fresh Dungeness. Fresh off the boat and dropped in the steamer just for us.

The next morning we caught the morning boat to Alcatraz. A lifelong dream of Wade's! It was creepy, historic, and fascinating. We took the audio tour, and then spent some time wandering around the Island.

Amazingly there is a very active botanical group that nourishes several indigenous plants and flowers. A strange backdrop for such beauty.

It was also game day so we caught the F-train to Bart to Giants Stadium.

As has become tradition, the Utes took a beating. I'm starting to think we're a jinx. We had a great time at a beautiful stadium though and It was nice to be around some friendlies.

Customarily a day of Football is followed by a day of shopping. Give and take. We had fun exploring Chinatown and Union Square. Found a few treasures and trinkets. My fav? $35 silk robe and pajamas.

Rode a trolley car.

We were in need of a real adventure. The next day we rented some mountain bikes and unknowingly set off on a 14 mile bike ride. Almost got hit by a bus, Almost died of exhaustion, Almost didn't find one of the biggest bridges in the world! We had peddled for hours. Saw a lot of beautiful things....

The painted ladies

The Observatory in the Golden Gate Park...

The Japanese Tea Garden...

Floral Delight in the form of my favorite, Hydrangeas...

Glorious Redwood...

and then finally there it was... sneaking out of the fog... like a magnificent sunset...

It is 1.7 miles across the bridge and the wind speed had to be about 50 mph.

We gorged ourselves on lunch in a little seaside town called Sausalito then found the nearest Boat back to the mainland. Look out baby, that birdie might just poop on you!

Some leftover photos from the trip that made my short list of favorites!

Until next year....

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Luke 3.0

Since I seem to be blogging all about Luke today here is a final post. We talked him into playing club soccer this Fall to keep his skills alive through the High School off season. It was indeed a struggle and he was a very busy boy trying to juggle Golf Team and Shooter Soccer at the same time. Needless to say he didn't make it to many practices and about half the matches. I did manage to snap a quick pic with my phone at the end of the year though...

Luke is bottom center... the good looking one. ;-)

In contrast here is a pic of one of his early shooter years.


To say that I'm a controlling, Type A, Pushy Mom is for lack of a better word, an understatement. Luke has not been too excited about the High School 'Dance' life. He managed to completely avoid it his Sophomore year. I was not having any of that his Junior year. The kid is handsome. Has a job. Has a car. What could be more datable? Well, I bullied him into getting a date and going to Homecoming this year. Of course I dragged his BFF into the mix. I picked his outfit. Ordered his corsage (with a custom silver band from Austin Texas of course), made dinner reservations, planned his day date, and planned his after dance activity. It was going to be a fabulous day! Duh!

Well he last minute changed my day date activity, and threw my dinner reservations in the G-file and went with a large group of 10. The more the merrier. I'm just glad he finally showed a little initiative. They had a great time. He looked absolutely studly. On to the next bullying. Christmas Ball!

Luke and Lexi, Lewis and Nicole

Grandma Patsy pinning on the boutineer.

Third in State!

Well, another year of High School Golf has come and gone. The Maple Mountain High School golf team did really well this year. The school is only 3 years old, and they have already managed to put together a winning program. The team took Third in 4A state competition this year. Beaten only by powerhouses with a long standing reputation for fine golfers. First was Woods Cross High School and Second was Highland High School. We were fortunate enough to sneak away from our busy days and go watch for a few hours each day. I was astounded at the mental toughness and control of the game these young men displayed. They put many of the 'Adult Golfers' I know to shame. I was a very proud Mom to have my Luke included in this group of athletes. Golf is the game he loves. Golf is the game he lives for. Golf is the game which will hopefully pay for college?

Wade and Luke after his final day of competition.

Luke, Nick, and Kendrick watching Logan finish up his final 18.

The Varsity team celebrating and stopping for photos after the scores were all posted.

Great job guys. Proud of you.