Friday, December 26, 2008

Belated Merry Christmas

So honestly, yesterday was the best Christmas ever. For the first time in history we stayed home for the whole day! No running around to different parties and such. We decided early on and gave everyone notice that we were staying put this year. The kids loved it and so did we. We were still up at 6 AM but the rest of the day was spent programming Ipod touches and Nano's, building lego cars, playing Guess Who, and PSP, and eating. The grandparents all came to visit us at different times of the day and we fed them for their effort. Wade and I even caught a nap in the afternoon. A 2 hour nap!!! (Now that's a long winters nap) We were woken up by the kids trying to kill each other with their new boxing gloves. Might have been a lapse in Santa's judgement. Oh well, at least they got some exercise! I hope all of you had an equally lovely Holiday. I'm still in bed now watching the snow fall (another 6 inches to add to our 12) after having to take Wade to work at 7:30 (stupid girly car). It is quiet and beautiful and the madness will begin shortly. Love you all. PS to Mom, Dad, Josh and Lynsey - Have fun in Hawaii!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


We are gathered in cyber space this day to mourn the passing of our good friend and neighbor, Brigham Young University and their beloved grid iron giants. They were taken from us last night while visiting the great state of Nevada in a horrific accident. There were many witnesses to this terrible night, but none who will make any statements at this time. Among the flashes of consciousness that people can remember are fumbles-a-plenty, absentee field goals, and a lackluster defense. Viewing will not take place due to the red faces beheld on all who were involved. Please send condolences care of Ryan Falkner at this blog. We will forward them to him on your behalf. Survivors include 60,000 fans who trudged home on a cold Sunday afternoon just in time to make it to church services. Last wishes of all those tough young players who managed to walk out alive were that we could "all just get along" and that everyone would turn their support to the clearly superior team that currently resides on the U of U campus. GO UTES!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

One kid, two colors

Yesterday was a busy one for me. Up at 7:00 AM to get Jake weighed in for his tournament, and home at 11:00 PM from the Nutcracker. Just wanted to share some of the joy that I had yesterday. Jake had a wrestling tournament in which he took first place. He had two pretty tough matches, then one in which he pinned the boy in about 20 seconds. Way to go buddy! Here he is, skinny little turd.
After that was over we ran home to get gussied up. He was my date for our annual Nutcracker outing at Capitol Theater. This was his first time seeing it so I was very curious to see his reaction. Needless to say the art support at our house pretty much starts and ends with me so it was fun to share this with him. We went with Gma and Gpa Reece and Lynsey Lou. Nick was there too but busy putting out fires and dealing with work issues.

We had a great time. When asked what his favorite part was he responded "the smoke, the cannons, guns and pirates" so basically he enjoyed the pyrotechnics and the Russians, I think. Big surprise. He is still a boy. Ballet West has a new female lead, and little tiny asian girl from Hawaii that is absolutely fabulous! If you have a chance to catch a performance I would highly recommend it. She is so graceful, yet strong and uber-confident. Jason Linsley performed a very solid duet also. (Hope I spelled that right) We were very proud of him. Great job everyone!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Today I am posting on the incredible season that the Utes have had this year. They are on their way to the Sugar Bowl which will be played in New Orleans on January 2, 2009. They will be playing the #4 ranked team Alabama on that day. Hoo - Ah Utes.Throughout this season I have had to defend my team at my place of work because I am surrounded by zoobie lovers. One most outspoken young man was Bradley, who even when things looked bad, claimed that BYU was going to beat Utah this year in the Holy War. So in the spirit of good humiliating fun, we made a bet that whoever's team lost must wear some apparel from the opposing team to work. We we all know who won so here is a pic of innocent little Bradley in his U of U beanie.

Oh how sweet. In keeping with the same theme, Wade found this great little Diddy in the SL Tribune yesterday. It is a fun little article poking fun at how lame the Bowl game is that BYU gets the privilege to attend (once again). And I quote...

Location: Las Vegas; Expected opponent:
UCLA; Tickets: Still available
What makes game fun: Knowing Utah is still on quest for perfection
What makes location fun: For free, you can watch the Pirate of the Caribbean boat rise out of the water
Besides the game: You get to travel on Christmas Eve
Travel package: Stay at a friend's 3rd cousin once removed's house and sleep on air mattress for free. Bring a cooler full of peanut butter and jam. Don't forget your oversized man bag and faded blue blanket to sneak licorice into the stadium.
Getting there: Rent a 16-passenger van and split the cost between 20 people.
Total cost: $78.00."

HA HA. That is all so true. BYU fans come with $100 dollar bill in their pocket and they leave with it still there! Sorry to all my friends and family who happen to like BYU but ninner ninner suckas.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Festival of Trees Opening Night

Ok, double posting today because last night was one of my favorite nights of the year. Opening night of the Festival of Trees where we get to dress up, scope out the best tree, and push over Donald Trump look alikes to get the winning bid. Honestly I just like the festive atmosphere, getting to wear something pretty, and spending time with my parents and sis. We got a very cute tree courtesy of Dad's work who foots the bill for our entertainment. The best tree of the night was undoubtedly a tree with about a hundred blown glass discs with lights shimmering behind them. The winning bid was $26,000.00. Holy Crow! Someone hasn't felt the hit of the bad economy! Here's a few pix of us in all our formal glory.

Lindsay Night!

Once a month Haley and I get together with our gal pal and fellow Twilight addict Lindsay, who hails from the great city of Bountiful, Utah. This month we met for dinner and a repeat showing of what else... Twilight! We had alot of fun at dinner chatting (once Lindsay found her way, she is notorious for getting lost). I know this might be blasphemy, but honestly, I'm Twilighted out. If I have to watch that movie one more time I might bite myself. Please don't egg my house out of retaliation ladies. Come on, admit it, it's not that great of a movie. It's like watching glue dry. Sorry, but you know I'm a brutally honest individual, I call it like I see it. Anyways, here's a cute pix of our GNO. Don't I look thrilled to be in a theater again?