Tuesday, February 12, 2013

i heart valentines day

 Ask anyone. February is my month. I love it. I love my birthday being in February, Wades being 2 days later, and Valentines 12 days later! Most people hate this month because the winter blahs are making them suicidal. Not me! I love everything about it. The color red has always been a weakness for me. I truly believe in the power of love and celebrating that! What's not to love? I decided to brighten (in the shade of red) your day with my version of Valentine happiness.

Entryway table (with a photo bomb by Lexi). Quilt courtesy of my fabulous mother in law.

Even my bedroom must have a pop of red.

Kitchen counter gracing my favorite bottle of wine ever. It has a Lexi-like dog on it and a little red heart! Found it at Wine-fest in Colorado last summer. Flowers in it are from Zac's art class (swoon).

Glass table in office. (free printable.. thanks Pinterest)

My project this year! I have a new found crafty addiction called 'Crafty Wood Cutouts'. It's in Orem and they have tons of fun holiday projects! Just finished this one on Sunday. It was my first Mod-Podge experience... won't be my last!

My dining table light's are adorned with these adorable photo hearts that my Mom made for me when she was watching my kids last year while we were away in Belize. Love them.

And the best part this year was helping Luke prepare for Sweethearts Dance. It's girls choice so all we had to do was matching outfit and corsage! Easy Peasy. She chose this adorable pink sequined dress. We all went shopping together and chose for him a pink matchy shirt, charcoal gray cashmere sweater, and black tie with white polka dots for a little whimsy. Their flowers had coordinating polka dot ribbon, and she had a ribbon in her hair. Can you say AH...DOR...ABLE! Such a handsome couple. This is Kaitlin btw...she is now part of our family so to speak.

Well, I'm off to make 4-5 dozen heart shaped, pink frosted, giant sized sugar cookies which is tradition in our family. At 3:00 Wade and I are off to celebrate V-day(cuz I have to work on Thursday) with a little spa time. Don't hate me because my day is perfect...


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